Video Production Utilising Aerial Drone Photography


With a keen interest in videography, including the use of aerial UAV (drone) photography, video production technology and more than 30 years commercial aviation experience flying for some of the world’s best known airlines, we knew it was possible to combine all these skill sets into a well organised video production venture.


We understood the challenges of bringing handheld and drone produced aerial photography / video footage to production for applications such as wedding and promotional videos.


Your Video Production Partner


Client consultation is key to a successful video production outcome, so we will take the time to discuss your project in detail, in conjunction with a 'pre-flight risk assessment' where needed, to ensure a quality outcome consistent with your vision and expectation. This is never truer than during those 'special occasions' such as weddings and events which sometimes come but once and capturing those memories is of huge importance to family, friends, or business colleagues.


You want a partner you can 'trust', someone you can rely upon to work with, someone who is client 'focused’, and we think that partner is 'us'. 


Our drones and handheld photographic & video equipment are among the best available offering high resolution images both in JPEG or RAW format. When saved to a USB memory stick or downloaded from our cloud server, all images purchased become your property to use as you wish.  In addition any footage filmed by us, such as for special events, weddings, corporate videos, memorial services, etc, will be creatively shot and edited to great effect, providing a complete service that results in your finished video.


The Difference is a Drone


Having drone and aerial photography as part of your video will make a huge difference.  Please see the examples in our Wedding and Promotional Video galleries as evidence.


The drone industry has matured and is now regulated and overseen by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), providing confidence in the safe operation of drone video capture. Operations of unmanned aircraft now fall into one of three categories Open, Specific and Certified. The new UAS regulations focus on the safety risk that an operation presents and that’s where our training and experience make a difference giving you the confidence to work with us. Fly ROX operates within the ‘Open’ category and holds an ‘Operational Authorisation’ to operate within the ‘Specific’ category*. Together with mandatory 'Operations Manuals', Commercial Liability Insurance** and other regulatory requirements you can rest assured you’re in good hands.

We are based in the heart of East Sussex and our services are available throughout the UK and Europe. So... if you need to call upon our video production and aerial photography expertise, please get in touch by contacting us or completing our enquiry form.


*Learn more about this from the UK CAA’s website: https://www.caa.co.uk/Consumers/Unmanned-aircraft/Our-role/An-introduction-to-unmanned-aircraft-systems/

**Fly ROX Ltd holds £5 million public liability insurance cover – maybe increased as necessary