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Historic_Estate Management
Historic & Large Buildings Estate Management

Historic England have produced a timely and very thorough explanation on the use of aerial surveillance drones and how they have helped them manage their portfolio of large properties regards maintenance, land management and archaeological records.

Here's a quote from Historic England's website:

"Drones provide a useful low-level aerial platform for recording historic buildings, monuments, archaeological sites and landscapes. They can carry a wide variety of sensors including cameras, multi/hyperspectral imaging units, and even laser scanners. Drones can provide dramatic illustrative photographs of sites, but can also be used to create metrically accurate records for survey and conservation work . However, care needs to be taken to ensure drones are used in a way that is safe to both people and the historic fabric being recorded."

Land Management_Inspections
Land owners, Estate Managers & Farmers

If you're a Land owner, Estate Manager or perhaps a Farmer with an extensive portfolio we can help you manage your assets in a cost effective and timely way without the need for more expensive traditional methods involving scaffolding or other elevated platforms.

Perhaps you have tall or large buildings which need roof or structural inspections or a piece of land that needs surveying or inspecting. Our aerial drones will capture everything you need to see in clear 'High Resolution' images giving you not only an unprecedented view but the ability to plan efficiently.

Below are examples where an aerial photographer and drone videography can give you the advantage of looking down on your land or property.

If you are a Homeowner or Property Estate Agent we can help you too!

From the ground you see this...

land inspection ground level

"From the air we see this..." 

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