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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find FAQs about the different services we offer such as promotional videos, drone photographer, wedding videographer, aerial photographer and drone videography

  • How will you protect my privacy and that of my neighbours?
    Fly ROX UAV takes your privacy very seriously and that of your colleagues and neighbours. Please refer to our ‘Privacy Policy’ for further information; if you still have any further questions or issues please contact our office for further assistance
  • How much does your service cost?
    As you would imagine with any videography project there are many variables that affect the final cost, such as project length, complexity, editing requirements, etc., and for this reason most work is dealt with by quote. As a guide we would say the majority of our complex work involving filming & editing start around £595.00 per day for promotional videos, for a 'Roof Inspection' between £89 - 115 depending on the size and complexity. And for our 'Home Seller & Estate Agent Services' these start from as little as £128 and for Wedding Videos - Package from £1,600. From time to time we run discounts and special offers; in the case of Wedding Videos, we can often discount our service when booked in conjunction with a 'Recommended Photographer' - please contact us.
  • How will you provide me with the photos and/or videos?
    Draft edits will initially be shared with you through a download link. In the case of a wedding filming, both edited and unedited films will be presented to you on a complimentary USB memory stick upon the project's completion.
  • Will you use my footage on your website?
    Yes – but only with your prior permission or if you take advantage of our ‘Free Demo’ service, which is the only condition we impose. If our ‘Free Demo’ can help you decide whether our service is appropriate for you it may help others in a similar position.
  • Do I own the film footage and/or photos that you take?
    All photos and videos shall remain the property of Fly ROX Ltd until ownership is transferred to you through written consent or purchase. In the absence of a specific arrangement, any footage not purchased or archived by prior agreement may be permanently deleted by us without prior notice, 90 days after the project's completion.
  • Are you fully insured for the work you do?
    Yes. Fly ROX Ltd is fully insured for all commercial activities undertaking, please contact us if you need further information.
  • Are you regulated and licenced to perform the work you do?
    Yes. We are regulated and licenced for ‘Commercial Drone Operations’ by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). You can check the CAA online register to verify we are hold a ‘Operational Authorisation'
  • What are your 'Terms & Conditions' regards payment, etc?"
    For work costing less than £500.00 we ask for payment in advance payable by BACS transfer (details provided at time of booking). For work costing more than £500.00 we ask for 50% deposit up to a maximum of £500.00, balance payable upon completion of work. For our Wedding Video Service we ask for a 'non refundable' deposit of £300 - this will secure your chosen filming date. For repeat customers on permanent contracts favourable terms may be negotiated upon request.
  • Do I need to provide you with anything?
    We will deliver your footage, whether edited or unedited, through internet download (a link will be sent to your email). Upon project completion, all contracted work will be meticulously preserved and presented to you on a complimentary USB memory stick.
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