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Utilities & Telecoms Services

Asset & Utility Inspections, Land Mapping, Project Oversight

For utility companies we can provide a fast, efficient and economical way for you to inspect your infrastructure all from the convenience of your office... even 'live streaming' what we see in real time!

Oversite on any large project is key to effective management both in terms of progress tracking, equipment utilisation and placement of materials.


With that ‘big picture’ you can plan your next move and allocate your resources more efficiently. 

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Solar Panels

This is a great use of a Drone Videography, ideal for checking, filming and recording an new or existing equipment for problems or as potential installation sites.

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Wind Turbines

Wind Turbine

Eliminate the mystery behind the lay of the land by surveying the boundaries and topography before or during any proposed purchase or works.


Our Aerial Photographer can provide you with HD photos which can be overlaid on plans from the land registry giving a complete understanding of what you’re dealing with before you commit.

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Wind Turbines

Telecom Towers

With ‘Health & Safety’ foremost in everyone’s mind our service allows you to inspect your asset quickly & safely when things become time-critical.  Using our Drone Photographer we can provide you with up-close HD Photos within minutes saving you time and reducing your logistical costs.

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