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A wedding video provides a real lasting memory of your special day.  As specialists in video photography for weddings we use both handheld video cameras and drones to capture the important scenes and activities of your wedding day.


Your Wedding or Civil Partnership Ceremony is one of the biggest days of your life. Months of hard work, planning and dreaming of the 'big day' has finally come true and you probably can't stop thinking about it!

Using our aerial wedding video capabilities* combined with our traditional wedding video photography and audio recordings we are able to offer you a stunning edited video package suitable for viewing at home or online, to place on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc...


With such an important day in your life it's understandable you want to treasure as much of the day as you can to remember forever the moment you said "I Do...".  A Fly ROX wedding video will capture your memories in motion allowing you to replay all the highlights of your biggest day whenever you want.

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Relive again that moment you got ready, hair, makeup, those beautiful dresses and seeing those closest to you who made that special journey to be with you, your family and friends. So many beautiful moments captured forever on video and replayed both during those shared moments and quiet romantic times together.

The "Difference is a Drone"

Nothing looks more spectacular than aerial footage shot from above, the perspective and stunning views complement your wedding like nothing else! Please visit our Wedding Video Gallery to view examples where aerial footage has been used.


Fly ROX Videography is pleased to include this service as part of your  Wedding Video package at no extra cost!

*(Please visit our T&Cs page and About page for further information. This service is subject to weather and the permission of the land/venue owner)

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Wedding videography is often a compliment to the professional work of your photographer who will capture your very best individual moments with still photographs. Our professional wedding videography service completes the picture and fills in the gaps offering you a 'Live' capture of everything that took place during and between those shots.


There's a lot going on during your 'special day' and it's hard to take everything in, as a wedding videographer we'll capture all the things that happened around you that you didn't see, friends & family arriving, what's happening in the background.  This will provide a great reminder of things you had forgotten until you see them again.

Wedding Video Packages


  • Video Diary - Between 10-20 minutes long and captures the day of your wedding mostly in a chronological order. It will show the events that took place on the day as it unfolded, set to music with some key vocals included (if requested) e.g. 'The Vows' and 'Speeches'. This is the video you'll watch during those romantic times together or perhaps with friends or family who couldn't be there on the day.  This package includes the Video Montage & Social Media video - to view an example of a Video Diary please visit our Wedding Video Gallery here.


  • Montage Video - Usually 3-5 minutes long and captures all the best highlights of the day, set to music with no vocals. This is the kind of video you'll keep on your phone and show everyone. This package includes the Social Media video.  To view an example of a Montage Video please visit our Wedding Video Gallery here.

  • Social Media Clip - This is a maximum of 1 minute for you to post on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.  To view an example please visit our Wedding Video Gallery here.


​We offer two Wedding Videography packages with up to three videos and One Combined Package:


  • Package One - 'Video Diary, Montage Video & Social Media' clip - £1,250.


  • Package Two - ' Montage Video & Social Media' clip - £850.

  • Combined Video & Photo Package - We are delighted to offer you a very 'Special' price for all your Photography & Videography needs at an amazing price when booked with one of our 'Recommended Photographers'. 

Please contact us for further details!  

What Happens Next?

After we have answered all your pre-booking questions we will arrange to meet you in person at the location where you would like us to film.  During this venue visit we will discuss the Wedding Videography and consider the filming opportunities together, plus any possible challenges, to arrive at a mutually agreed filming plan.

Once you are completely satisfied and happy with what to expect, you will be invited to confirm your booking and secure your 'Date' by way of a non-refundable security

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deposit with the balance payable 45 days prior to the day of filming. Where convenient we can arrange to coordinate these on-site venue meetings together with your photographer.

We look forward to providing your wedding videography and so helping you capture your beautiful wedding day in an unforgettable and stunning high definition video!


If you would like to check Our Wedding Video Availability, please view our Online Calendar.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to hear and discuss your plans. (Our terms and conditions apply)

*Our ability to include aerial videography within the final edit will be dependent upon weather conditions safe for aerial flight and the permission of the land/venue owner where filming is to take place. For these reasons which are outside of our control we cannot guarantee the final edit will include this footage. Our ability to accept your booking will be conditional upon your acknowledgement of this limitation. Thank you.