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Birthday Party, Private Ceremonies, Memorials, Sports Events & Special Occasions

We’re all used to capturing those special moments with photos and videos and sharing them with friends and family. Our aerial video and photography service elevates this pastime to a whole new level!


Now you have the opportunity to add a little 'Hollywood' touch to your memories and showcase your private event like never before.

Weddings are an obvious choice but other family gatherings, corporate events, large social gatherings and memorial services can all benefit from that "Wow" moment! 


Sporting events like off road Motor Rallies, Motocross and Hill Climbs are but a few examples of those magical moments you can capture on film.

We can work independently or in conjunction with your prefered 'Professional  Photographer' (we're happy to recommend who we work with if you need assistance).

So why not elevate your experience to the next level, literally and saver those moments is stunning 4K UHD video!

What an absolute delight to be asked to film the birthday party of this lovely lady as she celebrates with close family and friends!

Do you have a 'Special day' coming up? Why not get in touch and let us capture these precious moments forever! 

We had the privilege to be part of a collaboration with a professional video/photographer to provide the aerial footage for a digital album for the family and friends during a 'Memorial Service'. With the permission of the family while respecting their privacy, they have allowed us to share a very short clip illustrating the precious moments that can be captured using our service.   

Memorial Service - a collaboration between Fly ROX & Professional Photographer

Contact Us today and let us capture your 'Special Event'!

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